Koester Inflatable’s Contract

Printable Verison Available:

Please read and understand this contract prior to event. As the Renter, you are responsible for the event and need to know the information below prior to the event date to let your guest know what they may need to bring or wear to the event. It is always a good idea to go over these rules with your guests as well, because if they violate our rules you as the Renter will be the one held responsible. Please call or e-mail us with any questions.

PLANNING FOR YOUR PARTY: Turn off all sprinklers, underground & above ground. All units require one 20 amp circuit, with the exception of the full obstacle course. It requires two. A generator is available for an extra charge. Keep all unnecessary electric wires and cables away from jump houses. Plan a spot in a grassy area away from your house meters on a flat grass surface. Remove toys, twigs, rocks and any animal droppings from this area. If you have questions about the dimensions of our units to make sure they will fit in a certain area please ask, otherwise we cannot make the unit fit then we will have to cancel the reservation.

RAIN POLICY: During periods of rain, severe weather, high winds, or excessive heat Koester Inflatable’s reserves the right to cancel reservation. If rain, high winds, or excessive heat is forecasted for the day we reserve the right to cancel at anytime. This includes the time to set up and tear down. If conditions interfere with set up or tear down time we reserve the right to cancel reservation. If winds exceed 20 MPH, we reserve the right to cancel. Once unit(s) is set-up there is no refund. We encourage our customers to also have a rain date in mind or a back-up plan if the weather interferes with the reservation.

Do not exceed the number of participants allowed in or on the unit. This information is displayed on the front of every unit.
Remove shoes before using or jumping in the bounce houses, obstacles or slides.
All participants must be similar in size and weight.
Only children of compatible age and size should be in the unit at the same time. Mixing children of different sizes will greatly increase the risk of injury.
Children using the units must be under the age of 15 and older than 3 years of age unless the unit is designed for adults.
Do not exceed the maximum capacity listed on the front of every unit.
Adult supervision of all children is required at all times.
Keep all sharp objects away from inflatable units.
Keep all pets away from inflatable units.
Keep all food, drinks and snacks away from inflatable units.
Stay out of inflatable units in strong wind or thunderstorms.
A responsible ADULT must supervise the inflatable at all times.
Do not allow children to enter the inflatable without ADULT supervision.
All riders must remove shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, combs, hair clips or any other hard or sharp objects that could cause injury to other children or the unit itself, before entering the inflatable. Absolutely NO Food, drink, gum, silly string, face paint, or temporary tattoos inside the inflatable.
When riders are in the unit, there should be NO flips, wrestling, running, pushing, climbing the net walls or any other aggressive behavior that could injure other children. Do not let riders bounce against the sides or entrance.
It is best if children do not sit or lay down while other children are bouncing around them, as a jumping child could fall down on top of a sitting or lying child.
STOP the children from bouncing and have them exit the bouncer if: winds exceed 20 miles per hour, or if it starts raining. Turn the blower motor off after the children exit.
If the blower motor stops: Have the children calmly exit the inflatable while you help them out. Do not attempt to re-inflate until all children are out of the bounce. Most often the cause is an overloaded circuit or a piece of debris in front of the blower intake. Reset the circuit breaker and make sure the blower is on a dedicated circuit. Clear any debris away from the intake on the blower.
Socks are REQUIRED for ALL inflatable units.
Payment needs to be made upon arrival and before set up.
Absolutely no forms of water (water balloons, squirt guns, kiddie pool etc.) are to come in contact with inflatable unit.
We reserve the right to shut down inflatables if rules are not followed.
Release waiver and contract with our rules must be read and signed before set up.
If operator is not on duty no one is to enter inflatables.
If children are getting rowdy and aggressive we have the right to remove them from inflatable and if necessary may not return.
No children should enter inflatables unless accompanied by parent or guardian.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Renter is responsible for all individuals that are riding inflatables.
We reserve the right to sell other products while operating inflatables at any event or party.
All profits made from selling other products are for Koester Inflatable’s.
Absolutely no wet clothing inside inflatable. No form of water is to come in contact with inflatable.
Damages & Cleaning fees will be charged if our rules are being broken at the Renter’s expense. We will not tolerate violation of our rules. If rules are not followed we will shut down and there will not be a refund.

By signing this I have read and understood all rules and regulations of Koester Inflatable’s. I understand if rules are not followed they have the right to shut down all inflatable units and will not be given a refund.
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           Saftey is very important to us! That's why we set up and attend your event for free!
Troy D. Koester-Owner